Your Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

Sep 23, 2021 | Blocked Drains, General Plumbing, Hot Water

Spring Plumbing Checklist

Spring cleaning is upon us! It’s time to shake off that winter dust, open your windows, your house needs a spruce up. One thing you can’t put off is your plumbing! But where to start?

We have you covered with this short checklist to guide you through your spring cleaning efforts.

1. Check for leaks

Leaks should be repaired right away! If toilet or piping leaks are left for a long time, water can be contaminated, mold might develop and your water quality will suffer. At its worst, the leak can cause advanced erosion and health problems.

Look for leaks. If there are any, there will be some water escaping into your bathroom, even when all the taps are off. Leaking pipes should be fixed immediately.
Toilet leaks can be a bit trickier. Everything might look good, but just to be sure, go ahead and place a few drops of food dye into the water. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour. Check back, and if the water still isn’t running clear, then you might have a leak.Give us a call at Newcastle Plumbing Kings and we’ll be out at the earliest opportunity.

2. Have an appliance check-up

Every appliance you have should have a regular check-up, but spring cleaning is a good time as any to have a comprehensive run-through! Check your water heaters, washing machines, ice makers and dishwashers.
Signs of some wear and tear are normal, but have a thorough check-up for leaks and bulging. For your washing machine, clean out the lint trap. You don’t want any untoward accidents to happen. Clean out drains as well.
If there are any worse signs of aging and wear and tear, consider your options. You can get them fixed or opt to replace the entire unit completely. Go with what’s best for your set-up. However, we do recommend going for more reliable material – such as stainless steel hoses. It’s more durable and will be more efficient for you in the long run.

3. See what the outdoors are like too

Outdoor plumbing and drainage must be checked as well. The first step is to clean and clear as much debris as you can. Start with the patios, gutters, downspouts, and vents. Check for blockages and make sure to see them all out.
Your outdoor irrigation system may be more vulnerable to invisible leaks. This is your chance to check pipes and hoses thoroughly.

To be sure, check water meter readings for the day. Turn off all the faucets right after, then check back after a couple of hours. If you notice that the water meter readings are different, then there may be leaks.
While you’re at it, check for splits and cracks in the hoses as well. Once you’ve identified all the problem areas, you can move on to fixing, replacing, or calling a professional for your outdoor plumbing.

4. Attend to your septic system

You should be subjecting your septic system to regular maintenance and inspection. However, springtime is the perfect season to have a more thorough inspection. You may want to call a professional as well!
After a thorough inspection, the next thing you want to do is to pump out the system. The solid waste levels may have risen to a point where you risk leaking, contamination, and reduced water waste treatment effectiveness.

Wrap Up

Spring cleaning with your plumbing in mind is easy enough to do. It might get a little overwhelming at first, but we hope this checklist helped you out! Follow each item on the list, and you’ll be done with your spring cleaning in no time.

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