Winter is coming and it has a bigger effect on plumbing than you might think!

Apr 19, 2021 | General Plumbing, Blocked Drains, Hot Water

Winter Plumbing Issues Newcastle NSW

We may not see snow in Newcastle, but we still get hit with the cold and rain in the winter months. The drop in temperature and wet weather can have an impact on old and new plumbing systems in different ways.

Autumn leaves and debris blocking stormwater drains

The large trees that line the city and suburban streets of Newcastle begin to shed their leaves around March, laying the groundwork for some future drain blockages. The leaves and debris make their way into the gutters and compact stormwater drains. When the rain starts pouring on already compacted drains, that’s when we begin to see flooding and overflowing plumbing systems. To avoid this happening, it’s recommended to keep on top of the yard maintenance on your property and make sure the leaves are swept up and don’t end up in the gutters.

Keep an eye on older pipes

In the colder months household consumption of hot water increases and so too does the pressure on pipes. Pipes that are affected by lower temperature and put under more frequent pressure are at risk of cracking. These cracks may start out small and undetectable but the longer they are left and exposed to fluctuating temperatures the bigger the problem becomes. To avoid water wastage, higher water bills and further damage, it’s a good idea to get your older or more vulnerable pipes checked out before it’s too late. The last thing you’d want to be dealing with in the thick of winter is limited or no access to hot water!

Cooking waste blocking kitchen sink drains

Comforting, rich, hearty meals are a go to on a cold winter evening. It’s common to stay indoors in the wintertime and give the kitchen a bit more use. Cooking with grease and oil can add flavour to your meals but if it ends up down the drain it can cause some problems. Scraps, oil, fat, grease and left-over bits on the plate can make their way into the kitchen sink and begin to build up on the walls of the sink and pipes. Like with a lot of blocked drains and plumbing issues, this tends to happen gradually and un-noticed over time. Rather than wait for the sink to overflow, it’s important to be proactive when disposing of things in the kitchen. Rather than pour that left over gravy or grease from the roast down the drain dispose of it in a way that won’t clog up the pipes.

Get prepared for the colder temperatures

For those few weeks in the middle of winter, Newcastle can see consistently chilly days, reaching temps in the single digits. Rain, flooding, low temperatures and old plumbing systems definitely keep plumbers busy. In the lead up to winter it’s a great idea to get prepared for the change in weather, be aware of your water usage, do some home maintenance and have the number of a local plumber handy just in case of a plumbing emergency.

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