Why so many drains are getting blocked this year?

Oct 7, 2021 | Blocked Drains, General Plumbing

El Nino Newcastle Blocked Drains

What the 2021 El Nina weather means for your drains.

2021’s increased rainfalls are testing the resilience of a lot of drainpipes. Why are so many drains blocked this year? Why do we need CCTV for drains?

This year, at Newcastle Plumbing Kings, we have been flat out unclogging drains. For the first time in a while, El Nino has graced us. It’s great news for NSW farmers and providing much needed drought relief across the Australian East Coast. 2021 rainfalls are higher than they have been in years.

From increased rainfalls we are seeing an increased amount of drain blockages. Including gutters, sewer lines and storm water drains.

Why are drains getting blocked?

The recent wet conditions have been so great, they have encouraged tree and plant growth. Plants and trees love drains, they are attracted to the constant flow of running water and nutrients built up in pipes. Trees will do whatever it takes to infiltrate pipes. Roots are a common cause of blockages. Old and damaged pipes are at increased risk of being infiltrated by roots. At Newcastle Plumbing Kings, we have seen tree roots completely break pipes. That’s why it’s important to call a plumber as soon as you suspect a blockage before the situation gets worse.

Newcastle Increased Rainfall

Increased rainfall

At Newcastle Plumbing Kings, we get an influx of calls whenever there is a spell of heavy rain.

Increased rain tests the capacity of drains, as more water builds up and runs through the drains. Sometimes the large amount of rainwater can be too much to divert.

During heavy rainfall, foreign objects or debris – leaves, sticks, dirt, litter – can wash into drains and block pipes. When small plants grow inside drains, heavy rainfall can push them further down the line and potentially clog the pipes.

What can we do?

A blocked drain is never convenient, if you are unsure of the extent or location of your blockage. It’s best to be safe and call the experts like the ones at Newcastle Plumbing Kings. There’s a several things we can do to prevent blocked drains.

Annual Drain cleaning

Newcastle Plumbing Kings offer seasonal drain cleans. Sometimes routine maintenance is a lot easier for everyone and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run to prevent an excessive build up.

CCTV your drains

When our plumbers first arrive at a job, they need to investigate the cause of the blockage. At Newcastle Plumbing Kings, our experts are equipped with high quality CCTV (Closed circuit television) camera lines to run down your pipes and search for the problem.

Why do I need to CCTV my drains?

Enclosed pipes are dark narrow ways, it can be hard for the human eye to see what is going on. CCTV inspections mean both you and your plumber can find what is causing the blockage without the need for excavation. Our waterproof cameras produce high quality images with depth indication, so you know what is blocking your drain and where it is happening.

CCTV is more cost and time effective than excavating the entire length of your drain. Once we know what is causing your blocked drains, we can do our best to unclog the drain and fix the pipework in a time efficient manner.

stormwater drain newcastle

On another note…

Increased rainfall can mean an increase in drain issues. If your drains are starting to back up, smell or gurgle, it’s time to call in the professionals. Plumbing King Newcastle are highly experienced in unblocking drains and performing CCTV inspections. Servicing across the central NSW coast. Call them today on 1800 313 222.

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