At Newcastle Plumbing Kings, we have seen plenty of blocked drains over the years but throughout our experience, we have found some common plumbing themes. Find out the 3 most common blocked drains and what to do when blockages occur.

Drainage systems are crucial to running a happy, healthy home or business. Good drains will quickly remove all – potentially contaminated – wastewater. Leaving your home or business safe and dry.

There are different types of drains installed around your property, all designed with a different purpose and place to divert wastewater. Having a little knowledge on the area can make it easier for both you and your plumber to identify problems.

As listed in one of our previous blogs (link to blog 4/ How to spot a blocked drain). Some of the key things to identify blocked drains are:

  • Foul smell
  • Increased water level and slow drainage
  • Gurgling from drains.

There are 4 different types of blocked drains:

  • Blocked Sewers
  • Blocked storm water
  • Blocked soils drain
  • Blocked pipes

Blocked sewer

Sewers are designed to remove all waste coming from your home. Functioning sewer systems will divert your wastewater to the correct authorities to be safely processed. Due to their job to divert waste, it is important sewers flow properly. A blocked sewer drain can be a smelly, disgusting, and hazardous mess for both you and your neighbours if not dealt with correctly.

If you have blocked sewers, call a plumber or drain expert straight away. If you live in the NSW central coast, you can call Newcastle Plumbing Kings and we can come out to solve your sewer problems.

Blocked stormwater drain

It’s not everyday we think about storm water drains. An efficient storm water system will make you forget it’s there. Storm water systems are designed to drain rainwater from rooftops and keep your home dry.

Depending on your location, gutters and downpipes on rooftops can be prone to blockages by leaves, debris, dirt and even animal litter. When it rains, the debris caught in your gutters can be washed into your stormwater drain and cause a blockage.

Blocked stormwater pipes and gutters can be responsible for causing leaking roofs and expensive water damage to homes. Blocked stormwater drains can cause flood damage to homes even during light rains so it’s important to get them looked at.

The best way to prevent stormwater blockages is to invest in good quality gutter guard and perform seasonal check-up and cleans of your roof gutters and drains. If you do end up with a blockage, you can always call a plumber or a drain expert who is equipped to fix the problem.

Subsoil Drains Block

Subsoil drains are perforated pipes laid underground to remove excess water from homes and gardens. Due to their porous membrane, they do risk being blocked by a build up dirt and blocked subsoil drains can affect the flow of water from this pipe.

Because subsoil drains are underground, confirmed blockages can require excavating. If you suspect you have one of these drain blockages, best to call in a drain expert.

Blocked pipes

The most common call we get at Newcastle plumbing Kings is blocked pipes. This includes indoor pipes and household drains as well as outdoor pipes. Depending on their strength, age and location, pipes can crack inviting a host of problems including blockages and leaks.

What causes blockages?

  • Tree roots are attracted to the water inside pipes can creep through cracks and joints. Tree roots in pipes are the most common problem we see at Newcastle Plumbing Kings.
  • Broken or misaligned pipes, when there is earth movement, underground pipes (including sewer) can crack and drop from intense soil pressure. It this area where a lip may be formed that will catch solids and paper, causing a blockage.
  • Foreign objects, Only human waste and toilet paper should ever be put down your drains.

At Newcastle plumbing Kings we have unclogged blockages due to sanitary items, baby wipes, tissues, paper towel, food and the occasional phone. Try your best to educate your family on the importance of only flushing toilet paper.

When investigating broken pipes, Newcastle Plumbing uses high tech tools like CCTV footage to investigate blocked pipes. Depending on the scenario, the CCTV can save us from expensive excavating.

Who to call?

The good news is we’ve never come across a drain that can’t be fixed. Newcastle Plumbing Kings are the experts in blocked drains. We are licensed in both plumbing and drain issues, guaranteeing you efficient and quality service. You can rely us for your plumbing emergencies. Call us today on 1800 313 222. We serve areas across the central coast including Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie.

Our licensed plumbers have the right knowledge and tools to investigate and fix blocked drains. We also give upfront pricing so you will not have to worry about any hidden charges.