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An undetected water leak or burst pipe can cause serious damage to your home or business premises, or leave you with a large water bill to pay. Because of that, it is very important not to ignore this problem, and to find a professional plumber who can take care of that as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for an experienced local Newcastle plumber who can fix your leak or burst pipe today, you can stop your quest. We have all the specialist equipment, including dedicated leak detection CCTV so we can inspect, detect and repair your pipe or drain.

Our team consists of organised and experienced specialists, who have been working on various types of projects, so no matter what is causing the leakage, we will be able to find it, and resolve it even before you know it. We will provide professional service without disruptions, and make sure that your site is left clean and tidy as it was before we started working. 

Clues to leaky or burst pipes:

High water bill

Damp smells in room

Paint flaking from walls

Hissing sound behind walls

Low water pressure

Loud or noisy pipes

Mould appears on walls or floors

Water marks on walls, floors or ceilings

Newcastle Plumbing Kings plumbing review

Patrick SAYS:

The house we live in is old, and over the past years, we have been renovating it. We couldn’t afford a big makeover at once, so we split the renovation project into several phases. Now it was time to check pipelines and see what we can do to improve the hot water system, as well as drainage in the kitchen. We needed someone reliable, who could handle the entire project easily and finish the job on time, so we were very careful when deciding who to call. This company showed an impressive level of professionalism, from scheduling an inspection to diagnosing the issues and finding the best solutions. They did an amazing job without creating any mess in the house, and we really appreciate that.

Newcastle Plumbing Kings plumbing review

Ross SAYS:

Needed an emergency job done on a water main from meter to house after a tree removal. Job was done quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend.

Newcastle Plumbing Kings plumbing review

Debbie SAYS:

Fantastic work done by Newcastle Plumbing Kings! Chris was such a friendly guy and did a great job at a great price! Would definitely recommend and use them again A+++++



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Fast and Professional Burst Pipe or Water Leak Detection Newcastle

While some burst pipes and water leaks are obvious, others aren’t – generally because they are behind a wall, underground and out of sight. There are several reasons why leaks occur, but one of the most common issues is when pipes crack from old age or movement in your building. 

Because of that, it is important to regularly check the condition of your pipelines, and we will be there to provide a thorough inspection and professional maintenance whenever you need it. 


In case you notice some of these signs, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We carry all the equipment to fix any type of pipe, including polyethylene, galvanised, PVC, Polybutylene and Copper, so you can be sure that we will be able to get the job done the first time.


Finding Leaks – Newcastle Plumbing case study

We visited this Newcastle property to complete a water leak test – but we only found a slight leak. Upon further investigation, a previous plumber had connected a PVC pipe to an old clay pipe – which had caused water damage over years and caused property subsidence. We were able to replace the entire drain with an aerial pipe solution and prevent any further building damage.


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Newcastle Plumbing Kings are leaky pipe specialists

If you want to avoid frequent and costly repairs, you have to be sure that you have hired professionals to take care of water leaks or burst pipes in your home or office. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations, and that is why we aim to:


Be friendly and honest when we deal with you


Do what we say


Carry out quality workmanship


Have clear quotes and fair pricing


Always be punctual


Taking care of your home and premises


Commit to return your call within 2 hours if we can't answer

Newcastle Plumbing Kings local plumber Chris Hurley

Choose the best plumbing service and water leak detection Newcastle and contact us to schedule an appointment. We guarantee that our service will surpass your expectations.