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Quicker than digging

Roots can’t get through! 

Newcastle Plumbers have recently started introducing the idea of PIPE RELINING. Newcastle Plumbing Kings now has one of the leading local PIPE RELINER plumbers on our team. 

Pipe Relining is a perfect NO DIG solution to fix your broken or blocked drain pipes. First, we inspect the pipes with CCTV, noting any damage from roots or cracks from age. Next, we clear out the blocked drain using a jetter or the electric eel – we want to make sure the inside of that pipe is ready to be relined!

After another quick CCTV check to make sure things are ready, we build the pipe using an inflatable sock and chemicals. We thread this skinny pipe down into the existing pipe, blow up the balloon until the new pipe is pressed firmly against the old one, then wait for the chemicals to set. 

Yes, pipe relining is a PIPE inside a PIPE! We simply put a new pipe all the way through on the inside of the old pipe. This means for most of the pipe you now have double pipe thickness (except, of course, where there were cracks). You have a solid drain pipe solution that is quicker and cost effective when compared with replacing the pipe completely. 

Blocked Drains Plumber Newcastle


We are very impressed with Chris and the team. Chris was able to provide and implement a solution to our stormwater/drainage issues after we had consulted with numerous other professionals. Chris kept us fully informed of the progress of the job on a regular basis. Whilst onsite Chris’s team were informative, friendly and very professional. We are extremely pleased with the end result.

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Alison SAYS:

I cannot thank Chris and his team enough!! They are professional, fair and their work is impeccable!!! They are very honest and reliable and make sure the job is done right!!! Thanks guys!!!!



For $199 we do a CCTV check of your drains, find exactly where the blockage is, and provide your plumbing options.

Pipe Relining Process

pipe relining cctv blocked pipe

View the drain with CCTV

Find exactly where the blockage, roots and cracks are.

pipe relining sock-blowing up pipe in pipe

Prep and insert pipe liner

Prepare the ‘sock’ which gets inserted into the pipe using a guideline and inflated to fit the exact width of your pipe.

pipe relining new pipe in pipe

Pipe Reline Complete

View with CCTV to confirm the inner pipe is complete!


We love our seniors

All seniors get 10% off the total plumbing costs straight away.

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These are just some of the things you can expect when choosing our Newcastle plumbing services that are tailored to your needs, so in case you have any special requests, feel free to share that with us. We will give our best to provide blocked drain cleaning and other plumbing services with minimum disruptions.