Gasfitting Service Newcastle

Gas appliances vary in size, complexity and operating pressure, and that is why people who are working with them must be qualified for that kind of job. We offer certified specialists who can take care of the installation, maintenance and repairs of gas lines and appliances in your home or commercial facilities. 

Every member of our staff has completed accredited training courses for gasfitters, so you can be sure that your installations and appliances are in safe hands of educated professionals. We strictly follow regulations and safety standards to keep you and other parties at the facility safe and sound. 

Issues with gas installations or appliances are very dangerous and can easily escalate, and that is why we suggest you contact us as soon as you suspect that something is wrong with your gas lines, or you start sensing the strange smell. We will give our best to visit you as soon as possible, diagnose and resolve the problem and double-check everything before we leave the site.

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Installation and Repair of Appliances Running on Gas

From ovens to swimming pool heaters and outdoor barbecues we can instal and repair any type of gas appliances. You just have to contact us and tell us what you need, and our team of experienced Newcastle gasfitters will visit you right on time. 

We will explain to you how the installation or repair process will look, and provide upfront pricing to make sure you agree with the option we provided. Then our team will start working and give their best to finish everything swiftly and with minimum fuss. 

Although installations and repairs of gas appliances can be complex, our team will make sure that your site is tidy as it was before they start working. You can be sure there will be no mess since we are using modern tools and equipment and always clean everything as soon as we finish our job. 

Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

Even if your gas lines and appliances are properly installed, leaks can happen and when they do, it is important to act fast and find the source of it as soon as possible. Natural gas is widely used in commercial and residential properties, but it is highly flammable and as such can easily explode, but it can also cause serious health problems.

To prevent this from happening, we advise you to contact us as soon as you realise that something is wrong with your gas line or appliances. The most common signs of gas leaks are the smell of rotten eggs, a white cloud near the gas line, bubbles in water, dead houseplants and the whistling sound near the gas line.

Whether you can recognize some of the signs from this list, or you just started receiving higher gas bills than usual, it is time to let our skilled Newcastle gasfitters check your gas installation and appliances and detect the source of leakage.

Gasfitting Service Newcastle for Residential and Commercial Properties

Our gasfitting service Newcastle is suitable for commercial as well as residential properties. No matter if you are building new facilities, or you are renovating existing ones, we will be there to make sure that your gas lines and appliances are properly installed.

We have been working on different types of projects, and besides gasfitting, we can provide high-quality general plumbing. In case you need more information about the gasfitting service Newcastle or other plumbing services that we offer, feel free to contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Newcastle Plumbing Kings will be there to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution for the gas issues or installation you need. 

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