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Do you have a blocked drain or leak that you can’t find?

Let us help you get to the bottom of the problem ASAP!

We have leak detection equipment – including CCTV inspection cameras – that allow us to see the location and cause of a blockage or leak.

This helps us find the problem a lot quicker and saves time on the job, which means we get your project finished for less.

We also have a state-of-the-art pipe locator. Not only can we see what is blocking your pipes, we can accurately pinpoint where the blockage or damage is to dig in the right spot for your plumbing fix.

Clues to leaky or burst pipes:

High water bill

Damp smells in room

Paint flaking from walls

Hissing sound behind walls

Low water pressure

Loud or noisy pipes

Mould appears on walls or floors

Water marks on walls, floors or ceilings

Newcastle Plumbing Kings plumbing review

Shanthi SAYS:

Most plumbers don’t like taking on jobs like mine on an old house with aged plumbing. Chris took great care to come up with solutions that gave value and he worked really hard to keep the price (mostly his labour) as low as possible. He clearly loves his work (a sign I think of someone who wants to do a good job) and is courteous, a great communicator and reliable. I will definitely ring Chris if i need a plumber again!

Newcastle Plumbing Kings plumbing review

Terry SAYS:

Chris was was very reliable,gave me a time when he would be here and arrived promptly. He explained what was wrong and how it could be fixed, the alternatives (price range) of products and quote was accurate. Chris has great customer service and this was my second time. Would highly recommend and will continue to use his service in the future.



For $199 we do a CCTV check of your drains, find exactly where the blockage is, and provide your plumbing options.

How a drain inspection works

We use low-level light CCTV cameras to assess drain damage, which is cost-effective, quick and doesn’t affect your pipes in any way. The miniature HD camera on the end of a fibre optic coil has a bright LED which is pushed down your pipe or drain. This sends footage back to a screen on the surface, which allows us to see what the problem is on the spot.

Unblocking Drains Process

Newcastle Plumbing Kings blocked drains roots

View the drain with CCTV

Find exactly where and what the blockage is.

Newcastle Plumbing Kings blocked drains blast

Blast the blocked drain with jet

Push out any blockage with jet blaster high speed water.

Newcastle Plumbing Kings blocked drains pipe repairs

Repair & Maintain

Repair any broken pipes and service any leaking pipes.


We love our seniors

All seniors get 10% off the total plumbing costs straight away.

CCTV Drain Inspections: Why Hire Newcastle Plumbing Kings?

Hire us for your Newcastle CCTV drain inspection and we aim to:


Be friendly and honest when we deal with you


Do what we say


Carry out quality workmanship


Have clear quotes and fair pricing


Always be punctual


Taking care of your home and premises


Commit to return your call within 2 hours if we can't answer

Newcastle Plumbing Kings local plumber Chris Hurley

Choose the best plumbing service and water leak detection Newcastle and contact us to schedule an appointment. We guarantee that our service will surpass your expectations.